Best Indian Recipes for Beginners

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Instant, Simple and Easy Indian Recipes for Beginners: Decades ago it was compulsory for Indian women to master her hands in cooking. But with changing time women  became more career oriented, and cooking started taking back seat. But scenario has changed; now cooking is not confined to women only. These days even men are taking equal interest in polishing their culinary skills. There is no dearth of men chefs in star hotels.

Well, whatever your reason to learn cooking is; let me tell you cooking could be great fun. Many people see cooking as a great stress buster. To all the novice cooks, I have presented few very easy recipes. Replicate these recipes as they are mentioned. Do not try to do experiment with below mentioned if you are cooking it for first time. Cook them, if you are unable to cook these recipes in your first attempt then don’t loose heart. It is said,” Practice makes a man perfect”. Let’s see what these recipes are:

Sabz  Arhar Dal  with Rice

Dals are usually quite easy to make. Sabz arhar dal is a quite an interesting healthy recipe. Process incorporate: firstly, chop your favorite vegetables (tomato, blanched spinach, peas etc.), put arhar dal (100gms) to the cooker, and add all the chopped vegetables, pour 2 cups water. Also sprinkle over turmeric powder (1 tsp), red chili powder (1 tsp), amchoor powder (1 tsp) and salt (to taste). Lid the cooker and wait for at least three whistles.

Once dal is done we need to prepare tadka( seasoning) for cooked dal. Take a separate pan add desi ghee heat it, add chopped onion, garlic flakes. Pour this tadka over cooked dal. Finally sprinkle garam masala (1 tsp) and cook for another 2-3 minutes. Serve this delicious dal with plain rice.

As a beginner keep in mind:

Arhar dal does not take much time to cook. Make sure it should not burn while cooking. You can always check it after two whistles.

You can use vegetable stock in place of regular water to cook dal.

You can also use mustard oil while seasoning.

Sabu Dana Khichdi (spicy tapioca)

It’s yet another simple recipe. Anyone who is new to culinary art can rely on this recipe blindly. Method is quite simple. First you need to soak tapioca (250 gms) for 6 to 7 hours. Place a wok on fire. Pour 1 tbsp cooking oil, crackle mustard seeds and add 2 lengthwise slit green chilies. Add soaked tapioca. Sprinkle salt and turmeric (1 tsp). Finally squeeze out few drops of lemon and garnish it with chopped cilantro (green coriander). Serve it hot.

Tips for beginner

Be careful regarding the amount of water while soaking tapioca. Just pour water 1 inch above the upper surface of tapioca. Even a little excessive water can make it massy while cooking.

Omellete Sandwich

It is a quite simple and delightful recipe. First you need to whisk egg in bowl, add salt, chopped onion, and mix it thoroughly. Heat a pan, add ½ tbsp oil. Pour egg batter on pan. It will become soft roti like, once it is done. Take a slice of bread, spread a layer of butter. Fold omellete and place it on bread slice. Cover it with another bread slice. Roast it from both sides on a pan. Sandwich is ready.

Besan ka Cheela

It is a recipe that any beginner can dare to cook. First you need to prepare batter, take a bowl add besan( 1/2cup) and salt. Pour water (1/2 cup). Prepare a smooth batter. Heat pan, add 1 tsp oil. Pour a spoon of batter on heated pan and spread it in circular motion with the help of spatula. Cook it from both sides.

Tips for beginner:

Use non stick pan instead of ordinary one.

You can make batter of slight thick consistency, if you are cooking it for first time.

Cooking is not rocket science, though beginning could be little tough. Cooking is an art that once acquired may prove beneficial at several stages of life. Surprise your friends this weekend and let us know how your first attempt was, right underneath this blog!

Shipra Srivastava

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