Green Apple Shrikhand with Punjabi Malpua- MasterChef Indian Recipe

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“Kapoors are known as food lovers” this comment was given by ‘Pankaj’ on the arrival of the special guests that were “Rishi Kapoor and Randhir kapoor”. Both are well known personalities of the Indian film industry and are very fond of tasting the new dishes. The theme of the last week episode was “Modern Indian Food.” in which chef Kunal was the captain of winning team (Red Team). Radhicka won the Golden Apron which made her safe for coming two weeks. In this episode, the privilege was that contestants were allowed to go more than once in the pantry. Green Apple Shrikhand with Punjabi Malpua was made by Radhicka Agarwal and everyone liked her dish very much. Let’s see the method of Green Apple Shrikhand with Punjabi Malpua- MasterChef Indian Recipe:


300 gm Amul Curd
100 gm Khoya (grated)
200 gm Maida
70 ml Amul Milk
70 ml Water
2 cups Sugar
For frying Amul Ghee

For the Sugar Syrup:
• First, for making the sugar syrup, take one cup of water and add sugar. Heat it on medium flame.
• Boil sugar and water together till it becomes syrup. (It will take 10 minutes).

For Malpuas:
• For frying put the oil into the khadai, and heat it on medium flame.
• Mix khoya, maida, milk and water for making a smooth batter.
(Remember that there should no lumps in the mixture).
• Put the batter scoop by scoop into the oil in round shape.
• Fry the Malpuas from both sides, till it becomes golden brown in color.
(When Radhicka was taking out her first Pua, her Pua got ruptured because her mixture was not whisk properly, but the good thing is that she didn’t serve that Pua for the judges. She again whisked the mixture and prepares the new Malpua to be served in front of guests)
• Now take out the Malpuas on napkin.
• Dip the Malpuas in sugar syrup for 1 minute.
• Malpuas are ready to serve

For Green Apple Shrikhand


1 Green Apple (pieces)
11/2 tbsp Powdered sugar
1/3 th tsp Cinnamon powder
150 gm Curd

• Cut one green apple.
• Shuffle together the hung curd, sugar and cinnamon powder and chopped apple.
• Put this Shrikhand into glasses and Put it into the fridge to make it chilled


At last, cut the other apples and garnish the pieces in a fan formation on the Shrikhand.
Put the glass on the plate, take Malpua spread over with cinnamon powder and serve.

Thickness of sugar syrup is very important in this sweet.
For checking the sugar syrup take one drop of syrup into the spoon, take a drop of sugar syrup in between the thumb and finger and try to make a thread kind of thing. If thread is formed then the sugar syrup is ready.

Final Comments
The comments of all the judges for Radhicka were that she tried the dish three times until it was made well and she didn’t give up.

My Comments
Looking out the Performance of Radhicka in this episode, at last, I would say that perseverance pays.

Sargam Tiwari

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