How to balance career and life

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Would it not be wonderful to have your cake and eat it too? Who would not want to? No, this article is not about eating cakes though that is a yummy thought. I am talking about something that is equally satiating and satisfying.

How many of us have those spent feeling or the thought that what is it that I am accomplishing? Many of us feel that niggling dissatisfaction of not being able to do proper justice to our job and home. I am focusing this more on women who feel that they need to strike a balance between career and home. This does not mean that men shouldn’t, they are more than welcome and in fact, I would request each one to understand what they want in life and explore the options which give them the satisfaction needed.

How nice it would be to spend time at home with the kids when needed and not be troubled about leaves, schedules, permissions and guilt!

There are options available if only we look for them. Here I will outline a few options available, the pros and cons of a flexi work.

Firstly, assess for yourself if you really want to quit a regular job. Think about the consequences and your mind set in accepting the change along with the most important –“financial implications of not having a regular job.”
If you have really decided, then here goes:

First is to ask in the same company, if they are willing to give you a flexible work schedule or a work from home option. This makes sense since they know your expertise and have seen you work.

Next think how you can branch out on your own. If you have gained sufficient expertise in the current field, you can think of starting something on your own, be a consultant or a freelancer. If the current career is not giving you satisfaction, think of what interests you – know your passion since it is the passion that drives one to succeed. Remember the saying by Confucius, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” You can make your passion your job and start a business in that line.

With technology making giant strides, a plethora of options are opening up on the internet. It is easier to have a flexible routine by harnessing the power of technology. There are a number of sites which give work from home options. This is not the usual data entry type of jobs but a number of sites provide the facility to register as a consultant and work on projects- be it software related or writing, translation, marketing, teaching etc.

You can become an entrepreneur and start a unit where you are your own boss. Government is also offering many attractive schemes for women entrepreneurs with loans at lower interest with assistance in training, marketing help and technology inputs.

To be a consultant, Consultancy Development Centre (CDC), New Delhi a Government department is offering training and help to enable women to work from home and have flexibility. Be it financial analysis, taxation, content writing, marketing research, event management, fashion designing, legal, nutrition& dietetics, clinical research, physiotherapy, engineering or management you can choose to be a consultant and define your own rules and schedules

If this is so rosy, then why isn’t everyone into this? There are hardships involved too! If you are planning to be on your own, you need to first think of how much you can take financially because the income may not be the same as in a regular job in the initial stages. So planning for the shift is essential. You need to think of the financial impact and have a back up plan if this does not take off as expected. Also, there is a price attached to the flexibility-‘you need to work really hard’ to establish yourself and deliver more than expected to succeed. Use the contacts you have developed and make sure you are disciplined and attend to your clients when they need. Focus on the customer delight and not just meeting expectations and, believe me you will be delighted that you are able to have your cake and eat it too!

Sunanda Gundavajhala

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  1. C.Rama Murthy says:

    Every individual is acted upon by many forces from the environment around him or her, be it at office or at home. One’s success is measured by how effectively one handles the forces in order to achieve the common goals.We routinely accept the norms set, which make it mandatory to accept many things, right or wrong, forgetting the art of saying ‘NO’.The author points out a few options, and one can start thinking on those lines, which may empower one to atleast set right things if not radically change things.

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