How can You Make Calls from ipad 2

iPad 2
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Time has changed, earlier we used to use the conventional way of calling via landline phones and mobiles.With the advent of newest technologies like laptops and tablet PCs have become a new modes of communication in this era. Latest technological innovation in gadgets like ipad 2 which is now able to replace computers and laptops for daily basic tasks thanks to various applications. Ipad 2 is the second generation tablet computer designed and developed by Apple Inc. As compared with apple ipad 1, it is enhanced with lots of new features. It is thinner and lighter and has two cameras that are on rear and front ends of ipad 2. There are many more cool features. One such feature is free calling.

Can You Make Calls from iPad 2?: Yes, by using various applications such as Skype.

You can make and receive free phone calls from ipad 2. There are lots of new applications that you can download on ipad 2. You can also install various applications on ipad 2. Well to make calls from your ipad 2 here are some of the applications. Let’s discuss one by one.

1. FreePhoo: If you have Wifi on your iPad but not 3G, but still want to make phone calls. Use FreePhoo application and convert your iPad into a phone. You can call other FreePhoo users absolutely free. Apart from that you can make cheap international calls to many countries. Once you have installed this application on your ipad 2 just double click on the freephoo icon and start calling free to your friend, family and anyone who has freephoo application. This application uses your 3G or WiFi-connection, so its recommend to have a fixed data plan.

2. Call Textfree: The other application for ipad 2 is Textfree. You have to download the ipad version of textfree. When you click on the app store on ipad 2 search for free text there you get two choices textfree with limited and another one is text free with voice, when you make call for the first time then you have to create a login account by signing with your email id, after that they will assign you a phone number. You can give this number to your family, friends as long as you have Wifi and 3G on your ipad 2. Text message in the application is free of cost.

3. Vtok: Vtok is a free video application and it is compatible with ipad 2. It allows making calls to all your Google contacts or Gtalk. You can also do video calling absolutely free in ipad 2. Vtok does not require signing up; it just uses your Google account. Vtok works well on 3G or Wifi! And yes, it allows calls to other Vtok or Gtalk users. You can call your friend on PC using Vtok on Mobile. These ways help quicker PC to Phone Calls or Phone to PC calls! Install Vtok on your ipad2, Just sign into the app using your Google (Gmail) username and password and start calling your Gmail contacts.

4. Skype: You can call people on Skype for Free from ipad 2. There is no native Skype app optimized for the iPad 2 just yet, but it does work. You have to Download Skype and make your login account on it and start making voice and video calls to your friends on Skype for free on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Skype IP allows you to make VOIP free calls in-between Skype to Skype anywhere anytime from anywhere any time.

5. FaceTime – Call iPad 2 to iPad 2, iPhone, iPod: You can make video calls with iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod touch (4th generation), or a FaceTime for Mac user over a Wi-Fi network connection.

6. Call from iPad 2 using Google Voice: This option is only available in countries where Google Voice is available like USA. Gigaom has given a very simple description here on how to make call from iPad 2 by using Google Voice.

Hope with the help of these applications you can call anywhere free of cost from ipad 2.

Make calls from your iPad

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Additional Applications to Make Phone Calls from iPad 2

Talkatone: This iPad application helps you to make FREE telephone calls and send text messages. This calling application uses your local data connection on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to make calls.

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  1. ChrisB says:

    I try using some voip apps on my iPad. I am very impressed with freephoo. I stay connected all the time as it works on both 3G and WiFi. The call quality is pretty clear and there are hardly any call drops. My friends who have used the premium pack for international calls are very happy with it.

  2. Norman says:

    Happy to see Freephoo listed in this article as its a great app. I have been using it for quite some time and have suggested to most of my friends. Its a well designed, user friendly app apart from being free. I also like that it offers free calls between users.

  3. Nathan says:

    Yeah…. Freephoo works well. I just tried it couple of days back and am enjoying making calls using it. Its so simple and smooth! i am kind of fascinated by it and am going on suggesting it to my friends :-)
    so far no complaints… hope to do lot many things with this app soon…

  4. Jessie says:

    Freephoo indeed is a worthy app to be on this list. Its so easy to download and get started. I just love the way this app operates, so smooth and hassle free. With good quality, i enjoy the free calls alot. Some of my friends also tried their international calls and found them to be well connected and very clear!!
    Good work Freephoo….

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