How to become smart and intelligent?

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How to become smarter or smart? My Indian friends will not disagree that we often think foreigners are better than us? We appreciate their get-up, style of living, way of talking, their smartness and intelligence. We try to look for ways to become like them. But how many of us are aware that foreigners appreciate Indian culture and beauty? Every one of us is aware but we tend to overlook our own significance. This is because we think we are not smart enough! This article makes an effort to unveil the smartness in us.

To the layman being smart relates firstly to fashion and secondly to interacting with people. But in this article we relate smartness to intelligence. The Oxford English dictionary defines smartness as: to be good at learning, understanding and thinking in a logical way. Let us consider the three aspects of intelligence in a row.

Learning: This refers to gaining knowledge and skill. This can be done in two ways- from books and from real life experience. Books provide us with substantial knowledge and skill regarding any subject matter of our interest. However we cannot deny the fact that practice makes a man perfect. Learning from experience therefore is the best way of learning. A wiser decision would be to learn from others’ experience. This saves time, money and effort. For example, if you see a man fall into a pit you will definitely not follow him.

What follows learning? It is to understand what we have learnt.

Understand: This refers to knowing and realising how and why something happens. This plays a crucial part because different people perceive the same situation differently. Understanding a situation will assist us in our future endeavours and prevent us from committing the same mistakes a second time. It will help us to avoid an unfavourable situation or atleast direct us to act differently. But the question that arises here is: How to work on our potential to understand? This ability is acquired from our perception. Perception speaks about thinking in a particular way. A person will understand the things the way he allows his mind to work, in other words the way he thinks.

Thinking: This is the last and the most important of the three aspects of intelligence. There is a very common saying that “A man becomes what he thinks”. Therefore thinking act as an institution for learning and understanding. Everything is in the mind, in how we shape our mind. If we think logical we will act logical. Therefore to become smart and intelligent it is important to think logically, in other words think reasonable and sensible. Now the question is: What is the nutrition for logical thinking? The answer is as simple as ABC. Just ask questions! Our life is a learning process. We stop asking questions and our mind stops working. Have you ever wondered why a child asks so many questions? It is because he has a craze to learn. The more questions we ask, even the foolish ones act as food for the mind, which will consequently facilitate us to think, understand and learn logically.

Therefore to simplify our question we should rather ask “How to be good at learning, understanding and thinking logically?” Once we acquire these three aspects of intelligence we can become smart and intelligent. We just have to make-up our mind.

Sikha Ahmad

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  1. Dr Shama Goliyadi says:

    Dear Sikha,
    I really appreciate your advice on how to become smart and intelligent. It is very true that one would generally attach the symbol of smartness to the superficial attire of the person, but true smartness is within and far more fascinating than the superficial one.
    You have explained the subject very simply yet effectively, creating a whole new perspective of smartness altogether. thank you very much for your excellent advice.

    Shama Goliyadi

  2. Dear Mr. Sikha Ahmad,

    Dear I have enjoyed reading how to become smart and intelligent its very helpful specially for my son who is studying in Hyderabad I should pass on to him as he is shy and simple it helps him to be wise and intelligent forget shy and be so simple, I appreciate it. Thank you do send such things which is helpful for my children who is above 25 years old.

  3. Ishteyaaq says:

    Dear Sikha,
    Totally agree with you. Dressing may have a good first impression but ultimately smartness comes with learning, understanding and thinking.

    Thank you for wonderful article.

  4. Bayg says:

    I like the idea about “just ask questions! Our life is a learning process”
    Simple and strike to the pulp of idea;)

  5. bombaat says:

    great motivating article

  6. yasmeen jamal says:

    Dear Shikha
    I really become very enthusiastic when i saw you kind of article on how to become smart.I really need it for my self and i like the way u explained it.
    Thanks alot

  7. manoj kumar soreng says:

    Dear Shikha
    i am really grateful to you for you article on how to become smart and intelligent,after reading your article i am very much motivated and i am going to share this with my friends…

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