How to Call ipad 2 from iphone

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Thanks for the invention of telephone as this is one of the most indispensable thing for this generation. Communication has been an imperative element to human beings since their existence on earth. We communicate to convey and receive data from one another. With the revolution in communication technology within a very short span of time, Land phones-Cordless phones-Pagers – Mobile phones have led people to adopt digital lifestyle.

Market is flooded with smart phones. But iphone which is definitely not the first touch screen and smart phone in the market has loads of cool featureswhich have transfigured the mobile phones and fascinated users from all over the world. Iphone is integrated with internet; multimedia enabled designed and marketed by apple Inc. iPhone runs on Apple’s OS-X operating system, the device is not expected to run all OS-X compatible software. iphone is integrated with lots of features and out of these features, the most promising one is video calling. Video calling is a trance for many people but with iphone the video calling becomes reality. Let’s see some of the important apps of iphone for calling ipad2 which is the latest tablet pc.

Fring: Fring is a VoIP client and service. It is mobile internet community through which you can chat, send instant messenger, video/voice calls over 3g, WiFi in your mobile set. Fring iphone app supports video calls over 3G to any fring. You can also make affordable calls to e non fring contacts fringout over WiFi and 3G, 4g.Fring is basically designed for mobile handset and portable devices. You can connect with your friend’s do video chats/chats, social networking and see their online status. You can also see their real time status and also their locations. So the bottom line is if you have a smart phone with 3G or GPRS service, it is worth giving Fring a try.

Talkatone: Talkatone is a free Google Talk/ Voice client with iOS4 back grounding and local notifications which offers exciting Instant Messenger, makes unlimited free calls, Text message and Voice Calling over WiFi and 3G network. It has a location Sharing features that means you can actually share your location and vice versa. Created by TalkMe.IM, Inc., the app is a free Google Talk client. Making calls to regular phones requires an existing Google Voice account integrated with Google Talk. It supportslandscape and portrait modes, and for better clarity one should use WiFi.

Scydo: Another interesting app is scydo which is a free VoIP calling for smart phones, android and ipad. From this application you can make 100 percent free calls to other scydo users which have 3G or WiFi connection. To call your friends all you need is just install this application and use your phone number. No need tobother for usernames and emails. It has great voice clarity and has no need for any further buddy list.

ooVoo : ooVoo which offers a great communication experience through internet. It also offers face to face chats and group video chats up to 6 people at once. ooVoo makes it easy to stay in touch with your contacts with video chat software compatible with PC, Mac and mobile devices. oVoo offers free Internet-based ooVoo to ooVoo calls, and low-fee ooVoo to phone calls to landlines and mobile phones worldwide. It gives high audio and video quality. For video chat all you need is broadband or wifi and webcam that allows video chat to another ooVoo user.

You can use these VoIP iphone applications that help you to stay in touch with your tech savvy friends, family members from any part of the world.

Shilpi Prasad

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