How to cast a vote in India

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How to register for a vote:India being a democratic country has bestowed a unique power to its citizen which is their right to vote. Votes earned by a particular political party decide who will rule the country. But, it is very unfortunate that people especially urban Indians choose to stay away from the voting procedure. This might be a case due to their ignorance about voting process. Some even think that casting a vote is a futile exercise, and their vote is not going to make any difference.

We seriously need to change such perception. It is important to realize that even single vote can make a huge difference. It is your vote that will let the right candidate win to make India shine, and make the world recognize India as super power. So, in upcoming election exercise your franchisee and make India proud. Defined underneath is a voting process which will help you in registering your vote in right manner.


All Indian residents, who are above 18 years of age, can exercise their vote. However it is mandatory that the name of eligible voter be registered in electoral roll, published by the Election Commission of India.

What is electoral roll

An electoral roll is a comprehensive list of eligible voters prepared and published by EC. Electoral roll is prepared by conducting extensive door-to- door enumeration process to collect information about voters. Generally, this process took place once in 5 years.

If you missed the house- to- house survey then you need to fill the form-6 which is available at the local EC office. It is also necessary to inform EC if you have changed name, middle name, address, house no. etc. In such cases you need to fill form-8. Similarly, if you wish to delete your name from electoral roll, fill the form-7. All the forms are available at local EC office.

You also need to make sure your name has been registered in electoral roll once you have completed all the legal formalities. You need to check with electoral registration officer of your area. You can also check on official Election commission’s website. Remember, if you are not registered in electoral roll you will be debarred to vote.

Process of voting:

Whether it’s a local or assembly election, election dates are pre announced by EC and published in all leading newspapers. You need to check the voting date of your nearest polling station.

Once you reach the polling station check your name with the polling officer. If your name is there on electoral roll then polling officer will call your name and serial number and your identity will be confirmed.

Now you will proceed towards second polling officer who will mark your second forefinger with indelible ink. He will also register your serial number in the register of voters and issue you a voter slip.

You will then proceed towards third polling officer who will take your slip and bring you towards the voting compartment where you will record your vote. You will cast vote according to your serial number. If you don’t know how to use voting machine then you can always take help from polling agents before recording your vote. This is how you can vote your favorite contestant.

Shipra Srivastava

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