How to choose right conditioner

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Right conditioner for your hair: Are you suffering from rough dry hair even after using the best shampoo available in the market? Generally, people have a notion, it is sufficient to shampoo their hair twice a week to complete their hair care routine. Think again! Mere shampoo cannot fulfill all needs of your hair. You need a product that provides moisture to your hair and at same time repair your damaged hair and increase the shine. Next time you shampoo your hair, also apply Conditioner. It’s not a luxury. It’s an essential part of hair care.

Different market names of conditioner:

There are different types of conditioner available in market including moisturizers, re-constructors, acidifiers, thermal protectors, etc. Among these moisturizer is quite common. Market is flooded with branded conditioners. So, question arises how to choose the best conditioner for your hair. It is important to use a conditioner suitable for your hair type.

Use jojoba oil based conditioners for dry, unruly hair. Conditioners with antioxidants work great with dull hair.

If your hair is little greasy then look for conditioner which has tea tree oil.

A spray conditioner works best with oily hair.

Look for volumizing conditioner in case of limp or fine hair.

If your hair is already healthy, then look for conditioner which is made for normal hair.

Natural conditioners for your hair

If you do not wish to resort to market products then apply the following:

Massage your hair with olive and lanolin, and wash them. It will leave your hair soft and manageable.

Apply Mehandi ( henna) at least twice a month.

Apply Shea butter to your hair, and wash them. It improves elasticity and strength of your hair.

Grind a thick paste of tender hibiscus leaves and the petals of the flower together and apply it all over the hair. Leave it for nearly 30 minutes and rinse off with shampoo.

How to apply conditioner:

Conditioner should be applied only after washing your hair with shampoo. Take coin-sized amount of conditioner into your palm and rub it into your hair. Leave conditioner at least for 5-10 minutes on your hair then rinse off with cold water. Never apply conditioner to your scalp. Remember it is important to use conditioner in right way to get best result. Also, keep in mind your hair type when next time you head towards mall to buy conditioner for your precious hair.

Shipra Srivastava

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