How to cook sabudana (Sago seeds) papad – Indian Recipe

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During Holi mostly people prefer to make papads and store them for the whole year. Papad can be made of many things like: Urad, Potato, Sabudana  etc. Sabudana is a man made substance. Sabudana padad is delicious and liked by almost everybody. Let see how it is cooked:

Preparation time- 1 1/2 hour for making the mixture, 1-2 days to dry them
Cooking time- 5-10 min
Serving: As per requirement


1) 250 gm of sabudana

2) 1 tablespoon of salt or according to taste

3) 1 tablespoon jeera

4) Water 2 liter

5-A plastic sheet to spread the papad


1) Soak the sabudana in water until it becomes soft. It will approximately take 1 hour to get done.

2) Boil 1 liter water and put sabudana into it.

3) Cook it into the water until it looks transparent or the material becomes slightly thick and then mix salt and jeera into it.

4) Put plastic sheet under the sunshine and pour prepared liquid of sabudana onto it with the table spoon. There should be gad in each papad. Check it

5) Spread it into the round shape. The size should not be too big because at the time of cooking it will expand naturally.

6) Let the papada dry from both the sides. Usually it take 2 to 3 days in drying. Mostly papad are made in hot sunny days for better drying.

7-Deep fry it before serving. Make sure that oil should not be too hot and papad should not turn in to red color.

You can also make it without adding jeera or salt. It can be eaten during fasting, Papad is snack for fun time or can be eaten when we feel hungry. It is mostly an accompaniment in Indian food and can either be fried or cooked !
Wish you all happy Holi.!!

Ginni Juneja

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