How to deal with ineffective employees

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How to deal with a difficult employee: Dealing with an ineffective employee could be real pain in the neck. Surprisingly, many a time it is observed that Indian bosses and Indian team leaders are very empathetic and caring. They do not fire the unproductive workers immediately in a snap like it happens in other countries. Indian bosses demonstrate endurance while dealing with unsuccessful and dull employees. They give them time to improve and prove themselves.

Nevertheless it is important to see to it that the employees learn the necessary skills quickly and aid in company’s productivity. It is no good retaining a below average employee and make him/her a burden to the company.

There are certain ways to deal with unproductive employees and put them back on track. The results could be very useful and form parameters for training future employees who could possibly fall under this category.

# 1: To err is human: Mistakes happen. You can definitely give some space to your employees to make some mistakes and learn from them. Build a congenial relationship with your employees in order to create an open and transparent work place. When the employee is fearless s/he will be in the right state to learn rapidly. Compliment the person based on some work of his/her and later take charge over remedial action.

# 2: Be practical not emotional: While explaining the mistake it is very important for the team leader/boss to highlight the problem not the person. This way you will be reinforcing the mission of the organization to him/her. When greater goals and objectives are explained people get inspired to rectify their mistakes and become part of the bigger plan.

# 3: Reassurance: Tell the employee that s/he is important to the organization. You can talk about a specific quality or performance of the employee instead of making an empty compliment. This will certainly remedy the situation because the employee will at once come out of insecurity that s/he might lose the job.

# 4: Get back to work: After analyzing the mistake and giving proper input to rectify it, tell the employee to get back to work instantly. Let not him/her and others brood over the mistake for a longer duration. This will invite lots of negative energy.

#5: Justify the role: May be you have the wrong person at the wrong place. You need to carefully analyze the skills, strengths and weaknesses of your employee and depute him/her to a specific assignment. You cannot make a person who understands the theories of manpower management excellently go around and do marketing.

Misjudgment of skillset will certainly sap the energies of the employees for they will feel suffocated in the wrong place. Give them work they excel in and you can see the results for yourself.
This article is dedicated to those employers who are committed to professional excellence of their organization. In case you have some more effective solutions to transform ineffective employees into powerful professionals please do not hesitate to share with us just below this article.

Wishing you success!!

Anu Veluri

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    Interesting article which is helpful for capacitating human resources in Company. I thought it is also an experience for teaching student.

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