How to Decorate Salad

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People are becoming more health conscious these days so they make salad a part of their diet. Salad is served with every meal whether it is for break fast, lunch or dinner. It contains lots of nutritious value like vitamin A, C, B, iron, calcium in abundance. It’s a very healthy diet as it contains fibers which helps in the bowel movement of the stomach and helps in the flushing out of the toxic substances from the body. The salad can be made in varied forms and in different texture, styles.The most important ingredients of salad are vegetables and fruits. When we serve salad with different embellishments the color of the salad becomes appealing to our eyes and appetizing to our taste buds.

For decoration of the salad you need to follow these:

1.The first thing is look whether you are including salad in main course menu or part of meal.

2.Try to make your salad multicolored by adding vegetable of different colors like beetroot, tomato, radish, carrot, cabbage. Multicolored salad looks very appealing.

3.One of the most important things is the presentation. You need to know the art of serving the salad both right and attractive.

4.Use creative ideas like preparing it in a scoop of papaya or watermelon, or bitter gourd.

5.For proper presentation you should come out with more innovative ideas about the serving of the salad like use of elegant crockery.

6. Salad dressing also plays a vital role in making it tastier. Add to the salad olive oil, lime juice, dry sauté powdered Cummins seeds.

7.Salads should be made attractive by sprinkling chopped coriander, lettuce leaf, blanched and grated dry fruits, chopped green peppers, grated cheese embellish with cress mint leaves for sweet garnishing add dried cranberries, slit strawberries. This garnishing gives an extra splash of color and texture to the salad.

8.Fruits like peaches, plums, banana and pears become brown after slicing, to avoid this dress them in lime or vinegar. To remove dirt and kill the insects in cauliflower florets soak them in water with little vinegar about 15 minutes. To prevent basil leaves from turning brown wash it properly, dry it enclosed in a tight plastic wrap with air trapped inside and refrigerate. The lettuce leaf should not be cut with the knife it should be torn.

And lastly make sure that the ingredients of the salad should be cooled and refrigerated properly.

Shilpi Prasad

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