How to do Ram Navami pooja

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‘Navratri’ is an auspicious period to get the blessings from Maa Jagdamba. It is said nine days of navratri represent nine immortal powers of Maa. According to mythology, Maa specially comes on earth during navratri for her devotees’ well-being.

As such all nine days have their significance, but eighth (asthami) and ninth (navami) days of navratri are considered to be very special. Somehow, if you are unable to keep fast for all nine days then keep fast for first and eighth day or ninth day. It will do all good for you. Maa maha Gouri is worshipped on asthami and maa Sidhidatri on navami.

Asthami Puja

It is said the woman who observes this fast, maa herself plays as savior for her suhag( married life). And, the man who keeps this fast his life gets filled with immense happiness. On this pious day you should call nine young girls and one young boy and feed them respectfully at your house. And, you must offer some gift like cloth, fruit, money, etc, to them.

Navami Puja

The devotees, who observe this fast, get Asth Sidhiyaan (eight blessings) from maa. Following is a procedure of a puja to make mata ji happy and to fill your life with happiness.

Kanya Pujan vidhi (method):

Kanya Pujan has much importance on this day. Kanya pujan is an important part of pooja.

First of all wash the feet of girls with plain water. Spread a bed sheet on floor and let the girls sit on it.

Smear the ‘mahavar’ on their feet. Now worship them with tilak and moli.

Finally, offer them halwa, puri and other things to eat. Do not let them go away from your house with out touching their feet.

Maa Puja vidhi:

First install the maa’s idol and offer dhoop, supari( betal- nut), chunari (piece of cloth), itra (perfume) , dhood (milk), dahi( curd) , ghee, shahad (honey) , phal (seasonal fruit) .

Now read the Durga path. If it is not possible to complete the path then you can read only kavach, argala, kilak, devisukt mantra. You can also chant Durga chalissa. Chanting of gayatri mantra, maha mrityunjaya ansthan, rudra abhishek is also very beneficial on this occasion.

Shipra Srivastava

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