How to Dress Up Your Child —Fancy Dress Ideas for Indian Kids

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Simple and Easy Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids in India: Small children loves to play make-believe and nothing catches their attention quicker than mention of a fancy dress competition.

Since they often pretend to be someone or something else, to grab attention, they simply love the idea of taking part in a fancy dress competition organized by schools periodically.

Every children taking part in the fancy dress competition wants to look good and wants to win the competition. Sadly, there will be an only one winner in fancy dress competition.

However, you can prepare your child as best as you can and tell him/her to have fun.
Most importantly, ask your little-bundle-of-joy what he/she would like to be at fancy dress competition. They usually know what they would like to dress up as.

Below are listed some really interesting fancy dress ideas for your little one:

Vegetables, Fruits, Animals and Birds: Dressing little kids as vegetables, animals and birds is one very good option for a fancy dress competition.

As vegetables, they can become, Tomato, Potato, Ladyfinger, Cauliflower etc. As fruits, Mango, Apple etc. are some options and as animals, Tiger, Lion, Bear, Cat, Zebra etc. Examples: Various vegetable example, .

As birds, Crow, Eagle, Parrot etc. are some of the options. Dressing little children as a colorful butterfly is also a good indeed. Examples: Parrot, Peacock, BlueBird, Chicken.

Famous Historical Personalities: Children can be dressed as famous historical personalities such as Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indra Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Tipu Sultan, King Akbar, Shivaji etc. Example image of fancy dress ideas for kids from the Kendiya Vidyalaya can be seen here.

Superheroes: There are all sorts of superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Tarzan, Spiderman, Wonder woman etc. on television and seeing what these characters can do, children quickly become their fans.

Dressing your child as his/her favorite superhero idol will make them really happy with their part. Children these days are also quite fond of hugely popular boy-wizard Harry Potter. Example: SuperMan

Cartoons Characters: These are inseparable part of any child’s growing up years and they certainly would love to dress up as their favorite cartoon.

Ask your child about his/her favorite cartoon character and consider dress him/her accordingly. Even if your child finds it difficult to make his/her choice, you do not have to worry as there are numerous cartoon characters.

And, even most parents are familiar with cartoons such as Popeye, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, Tweety, Mermaid, Tinkle Bell etc.

Regional Dresses: India is known for its diversity and every region has its unique culture, tradition and quite often a dress code.
Children can be made to dress as a Punjabi girl/boy, South Indian girl/boy, Kashmiri/Rajasthani or Gujrati girl or boy. Example: Various Dresses.

Indian God/Goddesses/Saints: Parents can also opt to dress their children as Indian god or goddesses such as Shiva, Krishna, Lord Ganesha, Hanuman, Raavana, Ram and Sita, Guru Nanak, Sai Baba etc.

Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids as Nature Theme: Nature theme is also very good. You can think of making a tree costume. But this is one of the most common theme now days and also difficult to make. You can try to make an Animal costume. Image Examples for animal theme: Alligator, Elephant, Rabbit,

One of the Mother Nature Example is Given Below.

Fancy Dress Theme as Water: Conservation of water can be a very good theme. Not many parents think about it because of challenges related to making a water dress. However we found a brilliant example of Water Drop Dress by Aadi Nair as a good theme for the competition. Example is Given Below.

Other fancy dress ideas: Cricketer, film actor/actress, policeman, doctor or nurse, princess/prince, joker, teacher, ghost, pirate, fireman etc.

Lastly, do not forget to show up at your child’s fancy dress competition. Your child would not like anything more than his/her parents watching the whole show and cheering him/her.

Boost their confidence by cheering and clapping for them.

Image for fancy dress ideas for kids in India – Fruits

Image for Fancy Dress India – as Gandhi

Priyanka Sharma

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