How to Get Birth Certificate in India

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Process of getting birth certificate: Under Indian act, Registration of Births & Deaths Act, 1969, it’s mandatory for all Indian citizens to register each live-birth or still-birth with the concerned State/UT government within 21 days period.

Failing to abide by this rule could lead to police verification and until verification process is not completed, your child will not be identified as Indian citizen and will also not be entitled to all the rights enjoyed by Indian citizens.

Understand birth certificate is an important piece of document that provides information such as name of the certificate holder, his/her birth date, parents name, gender, and place of birth.

People should get birth certificate as it is required at the time of seeking admission in educational institutions across the country, to take up any government job, to obtain driving license, passport, voter card ID, marriage certificate and during the settlement of property rights etc.

However, aforementioned law, does not apply on people who were born before July 1, 1987.

Below are given some instructions on how to get birth certificate in India:

  • First and foremost, get a birth certificate registration forms provide by the registrar’s office (every state, district and village has different registrar offices and forms) of your state/city/village within 21 days after the birth of your child.
    In case, child’s birth took place in a hospital, the forms for registration of birth are provided by the hospital itself. After carrying out verification birth certificate will be issued.
  • However, if the birth has occurred at home, then one of the parents must visit registrar office to fulfill necessary obligations. Take the form, fill it with all the necessary information, review all the information filled in it and then submit it with the concerned authority.
  • After the submission of the forms, concerned authorities will then send it to local police authorities for further verification of facts and details mentioned in it.
  • The police then will be carrying out verification process with the concerned hospital, or neighbors if it was a home-birth. Once the verification process is completed, police authorities will send their report back to the concerned registrar office.
  • Only then, registrar office authorities will be issuing the birth certificate.

Few Important Points to Keep in Mind:
1. Take your time while filling the application for the issuing of birth certificate. Do not forget to fill your child’s name carefully in it, remember, whatever you wrote on the form will be staying with your child for lifetime.

2. Take extra care while spelling name of your child and parent’s name in the form. If some mistakes end up occurring, you should contact your state municipal corporation office immediately (which issued the certificate) for correction. Generally, concerned authorities ask to submit written application, requesting correction in the birth certificate.

Priyanka Sharma

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