How to Get International Driving Permit (IDP) in India

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Driving license is mandatory for every Indian citizen, who intends to drive any automobile on Indian roads without being penalized. Similarly, International Driving Permit (IDP) is necessary if you are among those who intend to explore some foreign land via rental car.

IDP serves as a proof internationally, it tells traffic police of that particular country that you are holder of a valid driving license in your country of origin and also have a permission to drive in their country. It’s usually in multiple languages so the officials of other countries can read it in their own language with ease.

Most countries across the globe accept International Driving Permit. Interestingly, IDP stays valid is up to one year from the date of issue and it cannot be renewed, extended or postdated, so apply when you need it.

There are certain documents that applicant must attach with his/her application to get International Driving Permit in India. Below are given names of documents that will be needed when you apply for IDP:

• Valid passport.

• Valid visa.

• Valid Indian driving licence.

• Medical certificate.

• Attested copies of address proof.

• Attested copy of birth certificate.

• Recently shot passport sized photographs (though, 2-3 are needed, yet carry few more in case, you might need them.

• Applicant must be 18 or above.

• Fees of Rs. 200, approx.

Procedure to Apply For International Driving Permit in India:

• First and foremost, find out about licensing authority in your state/city that has the authorization to issue International Driving Licence to Indian citizens.

• Approach the licensing authority’s office and take an IDP application form. Fill all the necessary information in it and attach the relevant documents before submitting your form. Make sure your medical form is also complete along with your doctor’s sign and stamp on it.

• You also have the option to visit the Delhi Transport Headquarter to get your IDP. International Driving Permits are issued between 9 am to 3 pm, from HQ from any working day of the week (address as per given on

International Driving Licence Unit,
Transport Department (HQ)
1st floor, 5/9 Under Hill Road,

Remember, you are only to hand over photocopies of all the required documents like birth certificate, passport, visa, licence etc. and can show original documents, if authorities asked to do so.

Priyanka Sharma

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