How to make a Indian Hair Bun

Indian Hair Bun
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Hair Bun is one of the most graceful and captivating hair styles. This is a style which can be donned by women of all ages. Either you are getting ready for party or just doing your regular hairdo, hair buns are suitable for all occasions. The best part about Hair buns, it is not only very simple to make but also keeps the hair tidily in place. If your hairs are little untidy or not clean and you do not have much time to wash, then bun is the most suitable hairdo.

You can start with a regular hair washing routine. But, if you are in jiffy then you can skip this part. Don’t worry even unwashed hairs are completely suitable for tying a bun.

Hair Washing Routine

Wash your hairs with your regular shampoo. Now apply your favorite conditioner.

When your hairs are dried then apply little heat protective serum then straight your hair with hair Straightener. Now brush your hair with a boar bristle brush.

Buns are suitable for long hair, but if you have short hair then here is a technique to make your hair look long.

Hair Extension

Don’t loose your heart if you do not have long hairs .You can always opt for hair extension for getting long length of hairs. Hair extensions are artificial hair segments which are easily available in market. They can be easily attached in hair and are generally available in all hair colors. They are also helpful in increasing the thickness of hairs. So if you are suffering from hair loss or light hairs, choose appropriate hair segment.

Now see process of tying bun in simple steps:

Hair Gel
Thin Hair Band / Rubber band
Bobby Pins


If you are done with ‘hair routine’ then pull your hair into a pony tail and tie a rubber band otherwise first disentangle your hair by comb then apply some gel to your hair, in order to keep it slicky and straight. Now tie a pony tail.

Make sure your ponytail is 2 inch above from your neck.

Now grab the end of your ponytail and wrap around the rubber band .Keep wrapping until all length is covered. It will result in bun.

Now push bobby pins into all sides of bun at regular distance. This will give firmness to your bun.

Bun embellishments (accessories)

You can decorate bun with beads, flowers and ready made bands. These are all easily available in market.

Hair care tips

Message the scalp with coconut oil for natural growth of hairs.

Apply ‘Henna’ at least once in a month .It works as natural conditioner for hair.

Do not wash your hairs more than twice a week. In summers you can wash your hair regularly with plain water only.

Take protein rich diet like: milk, egg, soya milk regularly.

Most importantly, do exercise regularly and try to live a stress free life.

Shipra Srivastava

Hair bun in indian style -1

Hair bun in indian style -2

Indian Bun making by man & bun drop

Hair Care Tips : How to Make a Hair Bun on Medium Hair

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