How to Make Diwali Cards—Diwali Card Ideas for Kids

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Children love to make things that are pretty, interesting and are fun to do. Drawing things, painting or cutting paper and making something out of it never stops to intrigue kids. Most children show keen interest in crafts and arts.
On the occasion of Diwali, you can teach your children some easy and simple Diwali card making ideas to help him/her develop his/her creativity.

Things Needed to Make Diwali Cards:

  1. Coloured and white card stock paper
  2. Pencil, eraser
  3. Sketch pens/pencils or poster colors
  4. Scissors
  5. Glitter pens and glue
  6. Coloured letter stickers

Fireworks Diwali Greeting Card:

  1. Cut white card stock paper in a rectangular sheet and fold it in half.
  2. Now use pencil and draw a triangular/round shape cone in the center on the bottom of the card. Then show some lines that resemble fireworks coming out of the cone. You can overlap three or four such lines to make your display look beautiful and attractive.
  3. Fill the cone with colour and then start tracing sketch pens over the firework lines to make display colourful. You can use two or three different sketch pens on firework lines. Also, you could make your card look even more appealing by touching firework lines with glitter glue.
  4. Allow glitter glue to dry and then fill the background with colour or simply write “Happy Diwali” on the leftover space.
  5. Now write your message inside the card.

Diya Diwali Card:

  1. Take a piece of black card stock paper and cut it to size of card you want to prepare.
  2. Now take couple of coloured card stock papers. Let’s take brown for the lower portion of diya and yellow for the flame. Draw outline of lower body of diya on the brown card stock paper and with the help of scissor cut it out neatly. Then draw outline of flame on the yellow paper and cut it out as well.
  3. You can make two or three different coloured diyas for your card, but do consider the space available on the card.
  4. Then glue together diya’s body and yellow flame on the card to make it look like one whole entity. Do the same with other diyas as well. There’s no hard and fast rule for placement, you can place diyas anywhere on the card in any pattern.
  5. Use coloured letter stickers to spell “Happy Diwali on your card. And print your message or well-wishes inside the card.

Above mentioned ideas are quite easy and your child can try them out without losing his/her interest.

Wishing You Happy and Prosperous Diwali!
Priyanka Sharma

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