How to make Hot Wax at Home

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Hair removal is one of the common beautification practices. There are a number of ways by which you can remove hair, such as shaving, using creams; and so on but waxing is the easiest and best process. For this, readymade wax is easily available in the market. However, a better choice is using your own wax, which can be simply made at home. Making wax at home does not require much time. The ingredients used are also quite low in price and easily available in any house. In India people use natural ingredients like Sugar and Lemon to prepare wax for hair removal and this technique is known as sugaring and is getting well-liked due to the use of natural safe ingredients. Sugar wax is mild on skin and creates no skin problem. Let see in detail how to make homemade wax at home.


4 cups of sugar
½ cup of Lemon juice
½ cup of water


1. Mix the sugar, water and lemon juice in a sauce pan. Make sure too to mix the ingredients before keeping it on flame.
2. Keep the Sauce pan on a low flame after mixing.
3. Keep stirring the mixture until the sugar solution melts and you have a thick brown liquid. Normally it takes 10 to 15 minutes on low flame.
4. The consistency of the mixture should be soft ball like. It should not be too thick and not too thin.
5. Let it cool and pour into a clean glass jar. Hot sugar wax can burn your skin so don’t rush to use it after it is prepared and it is still hot.

This wax is a natural homemade wax that can be used for waxing for the body. It can be made easily at home and cheap to make. Waxing is one of the few temporary methods of hair removal which is still commonly performed professionally. Waxing does slow down hair growth. It increases growth initially, because hair grows back thicker and longer, but gradually less and less hair will grow back, and if you wax once a month at first, you will need to wax once in two months a few years later, and even less later on.

Shilpi Prasad

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