How to make Jalebi-Recipe

indian jalebi
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How to Make Crispy Instant Jalebi – Easy Recipe: Jalebi is the most popular North Indian dessert. It is a traditional recipe which is eaten in specific occasions or in festivals. Jalebi is most scrumptious and delicious dessert which has a beautiful orange color and unique concentric circles. The taste of jalebi increases if served with curd. People think that jalebi is a very tough dessert to make but with little patience and little timing, it can be made very easily. So let’s see the procedure of making this mouthwatering Indian Jalebi.

Easy Jalebi Recipe

Prep Time: 5 hrs and 45 minutes
Cooking Time: 30 minutes
Total Time:  6 hrs and 15 minutes
Serving: 4
Calories: 242 per serving piece


2 cups all purpose flour (maida)
Cooking oil for deep frying
½ tbsp Baking powder
¼ tbsp Saffron (Kesar) water or strands
2 cup Curd or butter milk
½ tbsp Cardamom seeds powder
1/2 tbsp Kewra or Rose water
1/4th cup lukewarm water and for sugar syrup 3 cups water
3 cups sugar


1. Take a medium sized bowl and add 2 cups all purpose flour (maida), ½ tbsp Baking powder, 2 cups curd or butter milk.
2. Mix this mixture and whisk it well.
3. Take 1/4th cup of lukewarm water (add only if it is necessary) to this mixture and beat thoroughly until smooth batter is formed.
4. Keep this mixture covered for 4-5 hrs at room temperature.
5. For making sugar syrup add 3 cups sugar and 3 cups water in a bowl and let it melt for 5 minutes on flame. The consistency of the sugar should be turned to thread like. Turn off the heat and add ½ tbsp cardamom seeds powder, 1/2 tbsp Kewra or Rose water and few saffron strands and then mix well this sugar syrup.
6. Heat the oil in kadahi and put in medium flame. Take a plastic bag or pastry bag with about a ¼ inch opening and put the batter in it.
7. Now squeeze out this mixture in oil. Make several concentric circles or figures of 8 (eight).
8. Fry until each jalebi till turn’s golden brown and crisp.
9. Now remove from the kadahi and drain off the excess oil.
10. Soak these jalebi for 4-5 minutes in sugar syrup.
11. Serve jalebi hot with curd or puree.

Tip: Plain yogurt can be used instead of buttermilk, if you prefer a less bitter taste.

Jalebi is a yummy dessert which is eaten in breakfast or as snack. These crispy jalebis melt in the mouth, try making them and enjoy the delicious taste!

How to make Jalebi – Simple and Authentic Video

Shilpi Prasad

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