How to make Lauki ki lauj – Indian Recipe

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The Navratri festival is celebrated in different ways all over the country. Navratri is a nine days long festival all these nine days are devoted to Goddes Durga ji. People observe fast during these nine days. However some prefers to fast only first and last days. Coconut laddoos, Lauki ki lauj, kotu ke pakode, and other sweets are typical Navratri food preparations which are consumed during fasting period..

Lauki or bottle gourd is very familiar to be eaten on the day of fasting. Lauki ki lauj is a dessert to be made with Lauki and milk or khoya. It is a traditional food to be eaten all over the India during Navratri days.

Preparation time- 1 ½ hour
Calories -1 piece 150calories
Serving – 5-6 people

5cup milk
2 bowl Lauki
Cardamom 2 tbps
Cashew 2 tbps
Almond 2 tbps
2 cups sugar

Remove the outer cover of bottle ground and grate it.
In a heavy pan boil the milk and add that grated Lauki into it.
After the first boil reduce the flame and cook this mixture until Lauki absorbs the whole milk.
Stir it at every 2-3 minutes. This process will take nearly half an hour.
Remove the outer cover of cardamom and chop it, mix the chopped almond and cashew nuts into the boiling mixture
Add sugar. Stir it for 4-5 minutes and then turn the flame off.
Grease a small tray with refined oil and then put this mixture into it.
Let it cool for 30 minutes. Then cut into pieces and keep it in the fridge for cooling.
Serve it chilled.

Delicious Lauki lauj is ready to eat. It is a Navratri special dish and very delicious to be eaten. So this Navratri cook it and enjoy eating with your family.

Ginni Juneja

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