How to make Qubani ka Meetha

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Qubani (Apricots) ka meetha is a very popular Hyderabadi/Deccani Sweet dish which has been brought to India by the Mughal emperors. It is a grand dish; in the sense the sweet is prepared for a serving size of minimum twenty bowls. Qubani or the Apricots are sweet tasting dry fruits that grow both in tropics and semi-tropics. The nature of the dish makes it feasible to be prepared for festive occasions and events like weddings, betrothal ceremonies etc.

Apricots resemble dates and are less sweet than dates. Apricots become soft upon heating and can be easily mashed with hands.

Preparation Time: 20 mts
Cooking time: 3-4 hours
Serving: 20 bowls (minimum)
Calories per bowl: 800

1 kg Qubani (Apricots)
1 kg Sugar
½ kg pure cream (malai)
½ kg vanilla ice-cream brick

1. Soak Qubani/Apricots in water for 3-5 mts
2. Drain the water
3. Soak them again in pure/drinking water for 1 hr at least
4. Boil apricots/Qubani on medium flame for 30 mts. Keep stirring every 5 mts
5. Keep the cooking vessel aside until it becomes cool
6. Mash the softened apricots/Qubani with hands and separate the soft pulp from the hard seeds
7. Wash the seeds and keep them aside
8. Mash the pulp of apricot/Qubani and remove a mesh like fiber that’s found in the pulp. You can feel the mesh while working through the pulp
9. To this pulp add one kg sugar and a liter water
10. Keep this pulp on medium flame for ½ hr
11. Keep stirring the sweet constantly and lever let the pulp become dry
12. Turn off the flame
13. Break the hard seed shells and extract the edible kernel
14. Garnish Qubani ka meetha with these edible seeds’ kernel
15. Cool Qubani ka meetha in a refrigerator for at least 2 hours
16. Serve with pure cream ( malai) or a slice of vanilla ice-cream

Enjoy the delicious taste of this Hyderabadi sweet with your near and dear.

Happy Cooking!

Anu Veluri

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