How to remove Body odor

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Body Odor Remedies: Body odor can be a cause of social embarrassment. The main cause of body odor is sweating. During summers sweating is a natural process to cool down your body. If you will not care for cleanliness of your body then this sweat can cause many problems. Among those problems body odor is very common. Generally body odor is preventable with a little precaution. Please read the following to get help:

Take bath at least twice during the day. Wash your underarms, genital area and face with specific products available in the market. These areas are more prone to sweat so these parts of body need special care. Your regular bathing soap is not sufficient. Wax your underarms at regular interval to avoid sweat. You can also apply below mentioned magic potions to remain fresh whole the day:

Add few drops of rose water (gulab jal) or tea tree oil in your bathing bucket. This works as natural deodorant.

Apply best quality antiperspirant after taking bath. Market is flooded with antiperspirants, explore the market and find one which suits you best. Some antiperspirant can cause inflammation so be careful. Do patch test first then include in your routine.

Whatever you eat is somewhere related to the smell that your body emits. Avoid eating packed food. Spicy food is also an absolute no no during summers. Reduce the intake of garlic. Also avoid alcohol and tobacco. According to medical experts, smell of proteins, oily and spicy food remains in your body much longer after consumption of such food. This causes body odor more than anything else.

Increase the intake of water and juices. Consume 1 glass of water with wheat grass on empty stomach. Wheat grass is rich in chlorophyll which reduces the body order. Also increase the use of white vinegar, lemon, and tomatoes. These are also useful in controlling body odor.

Be wise in choosing your fabric. Avoid wearing synthetic fabric instead use cotton clothes. These are light and absorb sweat fast. Also, be careful in choosing colors of your attire. Avoid wearing dark colors. Use light colors. Light colors sooth your eyes during summers because light colors absorb less heat so it reduces the chances of sweating. Do not reuse your unwashed clothes.

I hope aforementioned tips will definitely help you stay fresh longer!

Shipra Srivastava

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