Masterchef India Recipe “Crunchy Surprise Spaghetti”

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As Fourteenth November episode was dedicated to Child hood memories. In this chain one of the most delicious recipes which were part of “Bachpan ke yadain” task was of Smita Dugar’s child hood special: Crunchy Surprise Spaghetti. This dish was prepared by Smita Dugar in Preliminary round of task. Here we will try to present her magic and only you can decide how successful we are in our endeavor. Let’s have a look on her recipe.


Spaghetti -1/2 lb
Soy oil -2 tb
Amul cheese -1/3 c
Amul Cream – 1/3 c
Beaten eggs- 2
Firm silken crumbled tofu – 1/2 oz
Chopped onion – 1/2 c
Garlic clove; minced – 1
Chopped green bell pepper- 1/2 c
Spiced chopped tomatoes -1 cn
Tomato paste – 6 oz

(* Measurement may vary according to number of people)

Cooking Method-

- Heat up pan and pour soy oil.
- Add Amul cheese, cream and eggs with Spaghetti and make its small balls .
- Then roast these balls evenly in deep fry pan( not flat pan).

I will like to mention chef Ajay Chopra’s comment when Smita was roasting her balls in a flat surface pan, according to chef ‘ if you will roast your balls in flat pan then it will not roast evenly and will lack in crunchiness’. This was the mistake that cost Smita Dugar in her preliminary round.

Place these balls in a dish. In another pan combine tofu, onion and green pepper and then sauté until vegetables are tender.

Vegetables will soak out excess water and stir in tomatoes, tomato paste and herbs. Spread cheese over spaghetti and top with tomato catch up.

Tips and cautions-

- Use Amul Parmesan cheese in spaghetti.

- To maintain the crunchiness of balls it is very important to roast them evenly.

If you think we are running out of some steps in presenting Smita’s recipe then please tell us we will surely include those steps in our recipe.

Nidhi Chaturvedi

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  1. dolcee bachkaniwala says:

    hi Nidhi,
    the recipe was nicely written but please elaborate the mathod of sauce of the balls.

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