Proposal Ideas for Girls on Valentine’s Day

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Dear friend, you already know that 14th February is near and if you have not shared the feelings of your heart then don’t wait anymore and make some interesting plan to propose to him on this valentine. If you are confused; how to propose to him then here are some tips.

Presenting a Ring: You must be thinking that it is a common idea, but you can present it in a different way. Pack the ring in a small box and then pack that box in the larger one and so on, as many as you wish. Now keep a love letter in each box and present it to your lover.

Use a bed sheet: You can write “I LOVE YOU” on a bed sheet by using some fabric color, paper cuttings or sticks.  Now place the bed sheet correctly on the window / door from where the light enters to your room, so that, letters can emboss very well. Arrange all this before he visits your house on valentine day. When he enters into the room, the bed sheet will definitely grab his attention. Note that the bed sheet should be plain with no prints on it. With this he will definitely come to know your feeling and will respond to it.

Go for a ride: You can enjoy a ride with your loved one. Now you’ll have the perfect excuse to wrap your arms around him. Now hold him tightly and now speak in the ears of your loved one that you love him. This will be quite interesting.

By informing him that you are ill: This will definitely work. After knowing your sickness, he will definitely reach your home. Now this is the time to hug him tightly. Have a romantic movement and than calmly convey your feelings to him. By this he will get surprised and definitely accept your feelings.

Presenting  some instrumental gifts: You can present him some gift like if he plays a guitar,  then purchase and write “ I love you”  on it with some special shapes and fonts. This will surly going to impress him.

Dear friends the time has come to express your feelings to him, so don’t wait anymore and plan and arrange the way you want to express your feelings.  So, try one of these suggestions and get your love this valentine.

Kindly post your comments beneath this blog.

Wish you all the luck from my side!

Satsangi V Aishvarya

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