Remembering Fundamental Rights and Duties on Republic Day!

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The great Indian constitution gives its citizens various powers. In fact the great Indian constitution is a blessing to an Indian citizen. On the eve of the Republic Day let us commemorate some of the blessings of the Indian Constitution.

In a democratic country like India the citizens enjoy the liberty without the fear of being curbed. In order to realize this we are granted six fundamental rights. This liberal list of fundamental rights is uncommon to other constitutions across the world. Nobody can deprive us from exercising these rights. Even the government cannot ignore them.

The Fundamental Rights are:

  1. The right to Equality
  2. The right to Freedom
  3. The right against Exploitation
  4. The right to Freedom of Religion
  5. The right to Education and Culture
  6. The right to Constitutional Remedies

The last right is the most important of all. Earlier, Right to Property was also a Fundamental Right. But it was deleted from the list of fundamental rights and recognized as a legal right through 44th Constitutional amendment.

The Fundamental Duties to be carried out by the Indian Citizens were not there in our Constitution earlier. They have been introduced through the 42nd amendment.

  1. Respecting the constitution. National Flag and National Anthem.
  2. Cherishing the noble ideals of the freedom struggle
  3. Defending the country and rendering National Service when called for
  4. Upholding and protecting the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India
  5. Protecting harmony and the spirit of common brotherhood amongst all the people of India and renouncing any practice derogatory to the respect of women.
  6. Preserving the rich heritage of the Nation’s composite culture
  7. Protecting and improving the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wildlife and having compassion for living creatures
  8. Developing scientific temper, humanism and spirit of inquiry and reform
  9. Safeguarding public property and abjuring violence
  10. Striving for excellence in all individual and collective activities

We indeed need to feel proud of these rights and duties bestowed on us. The day we realize this and implement will be the day of renaissance. I wish all the Republic Day speeches made on this day emphasize on them and their essence. I wish each and every citizen of India be equipped with the knowledge of Fundamental Rights and Duties.

Wishing you all a happy Republic Day!!

Anu Veluri

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