Ten steps to best speech!

Speech Prep
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Preparation for the speech is important. Having the necessary confidence to speak out is even more important. But truly speaking, confidence alone will not make you a sensitive and sensible speaker. By sensitivity I mean knowing how long to speak. By sensibility I mean knowing what and when to speak. All these ingredients of a perfect speech are not cocktailed at a time. The ingredients go step by step to make a perfect recipe. So in order to make a perfect speech we need to opt for a step-wise plan. And the plan’s somewhat like this.

Step One: Strategize

Whenever you speak, you need to have a strategy. If you do not have one create it right away. A speech is similar to a medical prescription it should be both safe and effective. Consider every speech a wonderful experience to chisel your persuasive and leadership skills.

Step Two: Know in advance your audience and the setting

Fine tune your speech according to the audience and requirement. For general audience a dose of heavy vocabulary might be disastrous and vice versa. Know the audience-to-be before you are asked to make a speech and use your language, tweak the content accordingly.

Step Three: Write your speech

Do not ‘think’ on your speech. Write it down. Expand your ideas and add relevant, real life examples. Do not keep your speech lean and emaciated. I mean without proper examples. Put your ideas in a logical sequence. You can carry the speech in written form with you. But ensure that you do not carry the whole bunch of papers with you. Carry them as flash cards with only some important information, factual data or something like that.

Step Four: Keep it precise

Do not make a long winding speech. Twenty minutes should be ideal. If your speech ought to be made longer than that, introduce appropriate and interesting audio-visual aids. This will keep the audience glued to their seats.

Step Five, Six, Seven: Humor, Simplicity and Grace

You can keep your speech interesting by punctuating it with humor. If you are not good at it then, leave it. You can instead pose some real-life challenges, situations or examples to keep the audience intrigued. Keep the language of your speech understandable. Body language has to be perfectly graceful.

Step Eight: Overcome stage fear

It happens. Any great speaker feels a little jittery seeing the audience. This fear thins with experience. The more you speak the more fearless you become. Please remember that the audience are no aliens. They are just normal humanbeings like you and me.

Step Nine: Predict adversity

Imagine the possible negative situations or questions that might spring up before making a speech. Take with you all the lifesaving gear. Go prepared to face the worst.

Step Ten: Win over the audience

The nine steps will eventually place you on the tenth step. It is the step of victory. Once you reach this step you will be desperate to make more and more speeches. There will not be any looking back!

Wishing you success!!

Anu Veluri

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  1. I am pursuing a degree in communication at the University o Nairobi-Kenya and now very happy to read some of your information. I have a dream of becoming a good communicator and therefore so thankful to connect with you. Keep up for your excellent writings.

    with thanks.

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