TRP of Indian Serials, Channels and TV Shows

TRP GRP of Indian TV Serials
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TRP of Indian Serials, Channels and TV Shows – How to Calculate it or alternative methods.

What is TRP or Target Rating Point or Television Rating Points: TRP is a mathematical number derived from a matrix of data obtained by the audience for a particular television program or channel of TV shows that indicates the popularity of a TV channel or programmes in India. This data is very useful for the advertisers.

Simple TRP Calculation: TRP = GRP x Percentage of target audience (equation 1)

GRP is rate x frequency: It is the product of the percentage of the target audience reached by an advertisement, times the frequency they see it in a given campaign. GRP can be calculated by multiplying rate of viewing and number of times it is seen.

Percentage of target audience: is percent of the total audience.

By using the GRP and Percentage of target audience numbers, TRP (equation 1) can be calculated.

In India, television ratings are measured by two main organizations – TAM Media Research and Audience Measurement Analytics Limited (aMap). AdEx India, a division of TAM Media Research is India’s main ad monitoring & analysis company.

Unfortunately the TRP data provided online on their websites is out of date or link is broken. The download data link of the TAM Media Research India does not work and aMAP is showing TRP data of 28 Jun 2010 (today is5 December 2010).

The aMAP India also describe their TRP/GRP calculation method online. However as their website is not up to date It could be out of date method. Due to introduction of the new technologies in Indian TV markets I am sure there are more matrix are required than used by aMAP India. aMAP calculation methods can be found here.

I would like to see more transparencies by these two companies in disclosing Indian TRP ratings and data online.

But as the use of internet is growing, the TRP or popularity of Indian TV shows and serials can be obtained by other available data on internet.

There are over 51,750,000 internet users in India (Source: World Bank, World Development Indicators, 2008). Internet is also one of the main source of watching television serials in India. Most of the TV serials can be found online, on YouTube, within hours of broadcasting on Indian TV channels.

YouTube provides the exact number of how many times that video or Indian TV channel is watched online. While comparing the YouTube matrix, relative number data of viewership can be obtained, where their popularities can be also calculated, and that can be correlated to TRP of television shows.

New internet TV is coming soon and on demand services are increasing. Such as Google has lunched Google TV and Sony has also launched their internet TV in USA. You can watch your favorite programs any time, any where by internet TV services. I am not sure if these services are available in India, but if they are not, they will eventually come to India.

These new kind of services will be required in new TRP/GRP calculation methods and more transparency is required on how the audience measurement companies calculate their TRP ratings in India.

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