Yoga poses to flatten tummy

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A sagging, flabby tummy is an abominable sight. A flat tummy is a dream for many. No one wishes to have a pot belly. An unhealthy, lazy lifestyle coupled with a diet full of fats aids in a fat tummy. But such a condition could be solely attributed to men. Women can develop flabby tummy without even knowing about it. I will tell you how.

Women develop flabby tummy post delivery. The abdominal muscles that stretch to their maximum during pregnancy become reluctant to get back to their normal place, shape and size. Many doctors suggest mild exercise regimen to women who are either pregnant or new mothers. These exercises will certainly tone the muscles and help in regaining the original shape slowly but surely.

Yoga is a treatise of Indian exercise. The benefits of Yoga are unparalleled. Yoga now is practiced by the people across the world not only for physical well-being but also mental well-being. There are certain yoga poses that help you to shed extra kilos hibernating in your tummy. These yoga poses are indispensable to flat tummy.

I am sure Ramdev Baba needs no formal introduction. He is a yogic exponent who has made many Indians exercise early in the morning. Turn on the Aastha channel during the sacred hours of dawn and you can find the agile Baba preaching the multiple benefits of yoga and exercising simultaneously. The following yoga poses (asanas) have been mentioned by him to flatten tummy.

Pavan-muktasan: Lie supine on a yoga mat. Breathe deeply and rhythmically. Lift your left leg and bend it near the knee. Hold the bent leg with your arms and draw it close to your tummy. So close that your tummy feels the thigh. Try to touch the knee cap with your nose tip. It is not possible to do all this so effectively at one go. Practice makes perfect. Repeat the same with right leg. Once you feel comfortable with the yoga, try to do with both legs at a time. This is even more effective. The results are so stunning. Women reported losing 8-9 inches of belly fat in a period of four months. Astonishing, isn’t it!!

Bhujangasana or the Cobra pose: You need to lie on your tummy in order to perform this yogasana. Lie flat on your tummy and place your palms under each shoulder as if you were to do a push-up. Exert pressure on your back muscles and lift your upper torso so that your head becomes upright. Rise until your upper torso is completely untouched to the floor. You may now tilt your head a little back and see the ceiling. Breathe rhythmically and deeply. Once you have become perfect with bhujangasana you may try to touch the back of your head with the soles of your feet. This will help in slimming the legs and toning leg muscles.

Kapaalabhaati: Kapaalabhaati is a very effective breathing technique prescribed in the Yoga treatise. Kapaalabhaati is a rigorous breathing technique. The air has to be forcibly expelled from almost the diaphragm and lower abdomen. It is an aggressive form of respiration where expelling air from the nostrils (expiration) is done at a very fast pace. There is hardly any inspiration (drawing in of air). Although while exhaling there is some inspiration too (hardly a second or two). Do this rigorous exhaling at least for 10-15 minutes. You will feel greatly relaxed. And one more benefit of Kapaalabhaati is that it makes you lose almost 250 grams of weight on a daily basis. On a condition that you be on an oil-free moderate diet! Kapaalabhaati is also very effective for diseases like obesity, hypothyroidism, hyper blood pressure and diabetes. Kapaalabhaati helps in flattening tummy most effectively. Baba Ramdev in his own words says that a person who does Kapaalabhaati for 15 minutes (900 times approximately) will have a flat tummy for sure. So I don’t think you will ignore it.

Commit yourself to a disciplined yoga regimen and include the above mentioned asanas (yoga poses) for a flat tummy.

A word of caution: Please embark upon the journey to flatten tummy only after consulting your physician and a yoga guru. For severe obesity it is mandatory to get all the tests done. Practice yoga only after you get the final nod from an expert.

Wishing you health!!

Anu Veluri

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